Supporting our community with vaccinations UFS Pharmacies is a community not for profit pharmacy that supports the wider community and its immunisation needs all year round. All UFS Pharmacies are providing vaccinations. Each store has been set up with all of the required vaccinator and patient safety, and hygiene measures accounted for – ultimately caring…

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COVID-19 Astra Zeneca (Vaxzevria) and Moderna (Spikevax) vaccinations now available UFS Pharmacies are part of the current national COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout and are proud to be part of the program that supports reducing the COVID-19 outbreaks and illness across our community. Booking your COVID-19 vaccination appointment When it is your turn to get vaccinated, you can book…

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Pharmacist – Evenings

About us UFS Pharmacies has been proudly serving the Bendigo community for 149 years. We are a health and well-being destination serving our customers and members throughout the Bendigo region. We are seeking a qualified Pharmacist to join our team, specifically the evening shift at Bendigo’s only 24 hour pharmacy.  Attractive remuneration package Professional development…

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Dispensary Assistant

About us UFS is an award-winning Pharmacy group that has been proudly serving the Bendigo community for 148 years. We are a health and wellbeing destination, owned by the community, a source of pride for the whole team. You’ll be joining a team of over 100 employees across 5 locations in Bendigo. We are seeking…

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Home Delivery

Your prescription, health and wellbeing items can now be home delivered For added convenience our home delivery service has been extended. The home delivery service supports the ongoing need to protect our staff, customers and the community especially during COVID-19. It also comes with the added comfort of knowing your items are being delivered hygienically…

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Keep track of your prescriptions and medications at ease

UFS Pharmacies have joined the MedAdvisor network of pharmacies to be able to help you keep track of your prescriptions and medications at ease. MedAdvisor is our way of making your prescription, health and wellbeing needs easier. Now is no better time to download the MedAdvisor app onto your smart phone (desktop also available) during…

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Reducing our plastic footprint

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does the amount of waste that people produce. Our busy lifestyles include easily disposable products, such as soft drink bottles/cans or bottles of water. We are working hard within our business to reduce our plastic footprint, we feel it is important to enable our members to make…

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Experience the Eden difference

Eden Body & Soul FUN FACTS:   Our Gift Vouchers never expire! Did you know? We have removed the expiry dates on all of our Gift Vouchers meaning the recipient can use the voucher anytime at their convenience. We use disposable nail equipment. Hygeine is important so Eden use a disposable pack including file, buffer…

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In the community

Maiden Gully Fire Brigade For Maiden Gully Fire Brigade “Building a Healthier Community” also means building a safer community! Two important projects will benefit from this year’s annual payment from the UFS fund. The necessary tools to help community members who find their children accidentally locked in a car have been purchased.  The second project…

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In the community

Holy Rosary School

We would like to formally acknowledge the support that Bendigo UFS Pharmacies provide to Holy Rosary School on an annual basis in the form of your generous donation. 

Our school provides a fresh fruit program to our students on a weekly basis and the funds raised by you each year are a very welcome addition, to enable us to continue providing this healthy program to our students.

Please accept this letter as a token of our gratitude and we hope to continue our relationship with you in the years to come. 

Paul Wilkinson

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses

UV Protection The sun’s harmful UV rays can lead to serious, and in some cases, long-term health issues. Skin Cancer 5% to 10% of skin cancer occurs around the eyes. Always wear quality protective sunglasses when outdoors – even on overcast days. General Eye Comfort The sun’s brightness and glare interferes with comfortable vision. Dark…

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Maui Jim PolarizedPlus2® Sunglasses

All Maui Jim lenses block 100% of all harmful UV rays, protecting your eyes from damage and long-term health risks. Maui Jim sunglasses can be custom made with your prescription*, our specially trained staff can assist you in selecting the correct frame and lens to suit your specific needs.   

UFS and Webster-pak®

Medications need sorting? UFS make it easy for you.   Webster-pak® is the simple and safe way of keeping track of your own or a loved one’s medications. The daily breakdown on the pack tells you what time of day to take it ensuring no mistakes are made with dosage. 4 great reasons to choose UFS…

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In the community

St Kilians Primary School 100% of the funds given go directly back to our St Kilian’s School Care Team. The team is our Pastoral Care initiative to welcome and support all members of our school community. Most of the funds are put towards food vouchers of equal value to help when babies arrive, there is…

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Welcome Bridge Street

UFS Pharmacies purchase the Bendigo Day and Night Pharmacy. UFS Pharmacies are pleased to announce the purchase of the Bendigo Day and Night Pharmacy from Life Pharmacy in New South Wales which occurred on the 15th April 2019. UFS Pharmacies Bridge St is now a part of our local group of pharmacies who have serviced…

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Hand Hygiene – Keep the Bugs Away Today!

Did you know that washing your hands properly is the SINGLE most effective action to help reduce infection? If you can follow these steps you’ll get the best results!

Hearty and warm for Autumn and Winter

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Bone Density Testing

***SORRY, BOOKED OUT**** Watch this space for future dates to be advised. Assess your risk. Are your bones ageing faster than you are? 379 Hargreaves Street Tuesday 2nd July $30*   Bone density needs to be checked regularly, just like any other health factor You can’t see or feel your bones getting thinner Bone loss…

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Don’t risk your eye health

The skin, eyes and area around the eyes are very sensitive to UV radiation. Most of us know that UV radiation harms the skin, causing photoageing, wrinkles and, in severe cases, skin cancer. Although it’s invisible, long-term UV exposure can cause various eye diseases such as cataracts, macula degeneration and accelerated aging of the tissue…

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In the community – Maiden Gully Fire Brigade

“The Building a Healthier Community Program helps us to create a Safer Community,” says Maiden Gully Fire Brigade Captain, David Mustey. “The very significant contribution that this Program provides us annually is being used to purchase new equipment such as tablets in our big Tanker and in the Pumper. This exciting innovation will give us…

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The flu – Defend your workplace

The flu (influenza) is caused by a viral infection that is easily spread from person to person. The flu is a serious condition and complications arising from the flu can be debilitating.

UFS Pharmacies have made it easier for you to protect your employees by offering pharmacist administered influenza vaccinations across our four locations. Thus improving the health of your employees, in addition to minimising potential employee sick days for your business.

Contact us to arrange your staff’s vaccinations by emailing Cheryl at

Vaccinations will be administered by a qualified pharmacist at a time and location at your employees convenience.

Vision Australia Easter egg hunt

This year we were excited to be proud sponsors of the Vision Australia easter egg hunt that happened Good Friday. All proceeds went to Vision Australia, a not-for-profit organisation. The Easter egg hunt is one of Vision Australia’s largest individual fundraising events nationally. It’s run by volunteers, with all proceeds going towards Vision Australia’s services to the blind…

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A new look for our Hargreaves St pharmacy

UFS Pharmacies would like to thank their members and regular customers for their support during the recent renovations at Hargreaves Street. The wait was worth it! After many months of hard work and organisation during our recent renovations we are confident our new look pharmacy will meet the health needs of our members. The new…

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You never forget the flu

How do I get my flu shot? Visit a friendly UFS pharmacist to receive your flu vaccine and protect yourself against the flu this winter! Our highly trained pharmacists can vaccinate anyone over the age of 16 years in store, no prescription required! For adolescents and children under the age of 16, the flu vaccine…

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Keep it fresh this Summer

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Do you need help in the bedroom?

What is Sleep Apnoea? Sleep apnoea is a common sleep disorder which is defined as an increased number of pauses in breathing whilst sleeping – all individuals have pauses in breathing whilst sleeping, however sleep apnoea is an increased amount of these events. These pauses cause us to wake up subconsciously, leading to restless sleep,…

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New eyewear to make you feel good.

“We are Eyewear Architects”   Founded in 1973, ProDesign Denmark has more than 40 years of experience creating beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian feel. Drawing on our heritage of Danish design, we create innovative eyewear with a close-knit relationship between functionality and visual expression. “We aim to design eyewear that feels as good as…

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The Bendigo SES are very grateful for their donation.

The Bendigo SES have allocated the funds to two important purchases for their unit. “One is a fridge to keep near our truck bay which will be kept stocked with water and electrolyte replacement drinks so that our crews can quickly load up our vehicles and maintain their hydration on hot and drawn out calls…

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Tully, a Tough Little Lamb

Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services may be best known for our work in rescuing and rehoming our beloved companion animals and assisting disadvantaged pet owners in our community, however our Huntly North shelter and sanctuary also provides a home for a number of rescued farm animals. One of our latest arrivals, Tully has certainly…

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The OTIS Foundation

The OTIS Foundation was established more than 15 years ago in Bendigo to support women dealing with the challenges of breast cancer and their families by providing access to retreat accommodation at no cost. This unique gift aims to reduce the psychological impact of the disease by allowing guests to relax, reconnect and create special…

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Patch Adhesive Strips – Kind to you and the earth.

PATCH is crafted with 100% organic bamboo fibre with the added natural goodness of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil. We take pride in using natural, organic, biodegradable and sustainable resources, that are historically proven to soothe symptoms whilst promoting wound recovery for even the most sensitive skin types. The Patch Range

Avoid the flu this season

What is the flu? Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is caused by a highly contagious virus that is spread by contact with fluids from coughs and sneezes. The flu usually differs from a cold as symptoms develop suddenly, and can lead to complications such as chest infections and pneumonia. Unlike a cold, symptoms such as fever, sore throat and muscle aches…

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Codeine – why the change?

As many individuals will be aware, from the 1st of February 2018, products containing codeine now require a prescription. Generally speaking there is a three-step approach to pain management. References: Pain Australia Codeine Fact Sheet. (n.d.) Pain Australia. Retrieved From: www.painaustralia

Healthy food, healthy you.

Healthy winter warmer recipes for your family. For more recipes visit

#makeitlocal – Maiden Gully

UFS Pharmacies Maiden Gully contribute to the local community groups and organisations and are dedicated to their customers, offering health advice, convenient services such as webster packs, free delivery* and vaccinations, all with a friendly smile.


Have you had your eyes tested recently?

There’s a bear hiding amongst the cats. Can you spot it? Glaucoma is a largely unobservable group of eye diseases in which damage to the optic nerves causes a loss of vision. What causes glaucoma? Damage to the optic nerve is responsible for the vision loss that comes with glaucoma, the most common cause of…

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Bowel Scans

Bowel Cancer Screening Test Bowel cancer screening involves a test for bowel cancer in people who do not have any obvious symptoms of the disease. Bowel cancer can develop without any early warning signs. The cancer can grow on the inside wall of the bowel for several years before spreading to other parts of the…

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