Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP)

Oral Contraceptive Pill Program available at Bendigo UFS Pharmacies.

Bendigo UFS are an active participant in the Victorian Government’s Community Prescribing Pilot (click here for further information on the pilot).

Patients eligible for this program are 16 to 50 years old females who are: 

  • Currently initiated on the Oral Contraceptive Pill by their GP ( or authorised prescribing health care professional)
  • Been stabilised on that Pill for two years continuously
  • Seen their GP (health care professional) for review of the Pill in the last two years
  • Continuously taking the Pill.

An appointment will enable women to gain access to a repeat prescription without needing to go to the general practitioner (GP) first. 

What does this pilot program mean for me?

The program is part of the Victorian Government’s Community Prescribing Pilot launched in late October 2023. It enables greater access for women to gain support for Oral Contraceptive Pill where it’s hard to get a general practitioner (GP) appointment.

At your consultation, your Pharmacist will ask you some screening questions in a private consultation to ensure you receive the right treatment and care.


OCP Appointment

What to bring to your appointment
  • Bring your Medicare Card

More information

Last updated 18 December 2023