Vaccination Clinic

We have a variety of vaccinations available

Why is vaccination important?

UFS Pharmacies is a community not for profit pharmacy that supports the wider community and its immunisation needs.

All UFS Pharmacies are now providing vaccinations. Each store has been set up with all of the required vaccinator and patient safety, and hygiene measures accounted for – ultimately caring for our team and you.

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What is the National Immunisation Program (NIP)?

The NIP was set up by the Commonwealth and state and territory governments in 1997. The program aims to increase national immunisation coverage to reduce the number of cases of diseases that are preventable by vaccination in Australia.1

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How to book

Bookings for the vaccinations are available online for the UFS Pharmacies Hargreaves Street store only. Walk-ins are also available at all stores.

To book your appointment, simply click here to complete the online booking form and this will only take less than 5 minutes.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email at

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Influenza (flu) vaccine

Influenza, commonly known as the flu, is caused by a highly contagious virus that is spread by contact with fluids from coughs and sneezes. Every year, influenza causes widespread illness in the community.2

Vaccination against the flu has the biggest impact to reduce the number of infections and community spread.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath you must contact the National Coronavirus Hotline now on 1800 020 080.

Frequently asked questions

Who is at risk of getting the flu? 

  • Young children
  • Pregnant women
  • Aged 65 years and older
  • Indigenous Australians
  • Those with chronic medical conditions

If you are in any of these categories you are likely to qualify for the National Immunisation Program incentive.

Why is the flu vaccine important this year?

With the current COVID-19 pandemic a person’s health will be compromised significantly if they were to contract both COVID-19 and influenza at the same time. As there is no COVID-19 vaccine available yet, a person’s immunity can be strengthened with the flu vaccine.  It’s said that if the majority are immunised it will protect the minority. Quite often the minority are our elderly, young children and extended family. 

Is the formula the same as what is available from my GP?

Yes it is. The stock provided to pharmacies and the stock provided to doctor’s clinics is the same formulation. All 2020 season vaccines are quadrivalent. The vaccine for person’s over 65 years is a special formulation designed at protecting older people against the flu.

Why does UFS Pharmacies charge for the vaccine?

We have taken into account many factors in setting the flu vaccination fee for patients.  The standard fee of the flu vaccination service is $30 from UFS Pharmacies.

If as a patient you qualify for the National Immunisation Program a $20 service fee applies for administering the vaccination.  Please note the vaccination is available to be bulk-billed by your GP at no cost to you under the National Immunisation Program.

Do we have the over 65 vaccine in stock?

Yes we do! The vaccine is government funded for those aged 65 and over so your doctor may be able to provide this to you bulk-billed. If not, we have plenty of stock available now.

What’s the difference between influenza and COVID-19?

While the early symptoms of the seasonal flu and coronavirus (COVID-19) can be similar — fever and cough, for example — and they are transmitted the same way, there are some key differences:

  • Influenza typically has a shorter incubation period (the time from the infection to when symptoms appear) than COVID-19, which means influenza can spread faster. 

  • Those most at risk for severe flu infection are children, pregnant women, elderly, Indigenous Australians, those with underlying chronic medical conditions or who are immunosuppressed. For COVID-19, our current understanding is that older age and underlying conditions increase the risk for severe infection.

For more comparisons, visit the World Health Organisation website here.

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Whooping cough vaccine

Whooping cough (pertussis) is a serious, contagious, respiratory infection caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. The disease begins like a cold and then the characteristic cough develops. This cough may last up to three months, even after antibiotic treatment is completed and the person is no longer infectious.

Whooping cough is particularly dangerous for babies less than six months of age. They are affected more seriously by the disease than older children or adults, and are more likely to develop complications.3

UFS Pharmacies can only vaccinate patients from 15 years of age for the Whooping Cough vaccination.

To read more about Whooping Cough the visit Better Health here.

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Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine

Measles is a contagious viral illness that causes a skin rash and fever. Serious and sometimes fatal complications include pneumonia and encephalitis (brain inflammation). Measles is also known as rubeola, not to be confused with rubella (German measles).

Mumps is a viral illness that causes fever and swollen salivary glands. Serious and potentially lethal complications include inflammation of the brain or heart muscle. The disease is spread from person to person and is as contagious as the flu (influenza).6

Rubella (German measles) is a viral illness that causes a skin rash and joint pain. A rubella infection is mild for most people, but it can have catastrophic consequences for an unborn baby. If a pregnant woman contracts rubella, her baby is at risk of severe and permanent birth defects or death. Rubella is sometimes called German measles, but rubella is a different viral disease to measles. Rubella is uncommon in Australia and other countries with widespread immunisation programs.7 

In Australia, Measles Mumps and Rubella immunisation is combined into one vaccine. You should not be given the MMR vaccine if you are already pregnant. Pregnancy should also be avoided for 28 days after the vaccination.4

UFS Pharmacies can only vaccinate patients from 15 years of age for the MMR. We do not provide the MMRV vaccination.

To read more about Measles, Mumps and Rubella visit Better Health here.

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Meningococcal vaccine

Meningococcal disease is any infection caused by meningococcal bacteria (Neisseria meningitidis). It is uncommon but very serious. 

About 10 per cent of the population carry meningococcal bacteria in their throat without becoming unwell. These people are known as ‘carriers’, and they can pass the disease on to someone else.

Meningococcal bacteria are passed from person to person by close, prolonged contact. In a small number of people, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause invasive meningococcal disease.5

UFS Pharmacies can only vaccinate patients from 15 years of age and provide only the ACWY strain (not Meningococcal B) for the Meningococcal vaccination.

To read more about Meningococcal visit Better Health here.

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Corporate Vaccination Program

As a community member UFS Pharmacies wishes to support local business with their employees – after all, your staff are your biggest asset. The Corporate Vaccination Program allows businesses at ease to ensure their staff are vaccinated against a number of diseases. This program has a tailored booking system and provides a certificate of record to the business, of the staff (by surname) whom have been vaccinated. We will send you an account at the end of the month with theses details. To register for the Corporate Vaccination Program please contact

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The flu vaccine costs $30 per patient. Payment is required at the time of booking via our online booking portal to minimize the risks associated with COVID-19.

We can provide vaccinations under the National Immunisation Program for a service fee of $20 per patient. Please note these can be obtained from your Doctor and be bulk-billed under Medicare at no cost to you.

Pricing#Full priceNational Immunisation
Program (NIP)*
Whooping Cough$60$20
Measles, Mumps, Rubella$60$20
Meningococcal ACWY^ $80$20

#UFS member discounts do not currently apply.
^This price is indicative of certain recommended brands, there may be additional fees if there are specific requirements, if so, please speak with our friendly Pharmacists or email
*We can provide vaccinations under the National Immunisation Program for a service fee of $20 per patient. Please note these can be obtained from your Doctor and be bulk-billed under Medicare at no cost to you.

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