Health Screening

Health screening for cholesterol and blood glucose is now available at our Hargreaves Street Health Hub.

If you have risk factors for high cholesterol and diabetes, health screening is a great first step to managing your risk.

Risk factors for high cholesterol or diabetes include being overweight, low physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, age, family history and smoking, but managing your lifestyle can help prevent these conditions from developing.

There are several options for this service.

A full health check screens for cholesterol as well as blood glucose, and includes a blood pressure test,  height/weight/waist circumference measurements and a BMI assessment.

Alternatively, you can choose a blood glucose screening test alone.

Additionally, all five of our stores can offer blood pressure checks.

Staff at all stores can also do blood glucose meter servicing and education.  If you are experiencing errors with your device, or if you are unsure if your readings are accurate, we can help. Our team will investigate any device errors and troubleshoot these to find a solution and educate you on the use of your machine.

Find out more about high cholesterol and diabetes at the Victorian Government Better Health Channel.

Health Screening Prices

Blood Pressure Monitoring (single visit)

Price $5.00 (Member price $4.50)

Blood Pressure Monitoring (up to 3 visits)

Price $12.95 (Member price $11.66)

Blood Glucose Monitor Device Repair/Education

Price $12.95 (Member price $11.66)

Blood Glucose Test (random or fasting)

Price $19.95 (Member price $17.95)

Full Health Screening

Price $79.95 (Member price $71.96)