Plane tickets are sent to your phone, banking is electronic, tonight’s dinner can be ordered and delivered without having to make a phone call. Some might say best thing since sliced bread. Now it’s time for prescriptions to join.

E-prescribing is converting the traditional paper prescription into an electronic script that is sent to your mobile device via text message or email. The pharmacist will read the encrypted QR code (known as a token) within the message you received and will then dispense your prescription like they normally would with a paper prescription.

The advancement of this technology will also enable you to send your prescription directly to your pharmacy and have your script dispensed and home delivered – and you haven’t have had to come to the pharmacy. How? Simply download and activate MedAdvisor to have this ready for when MedAdvisor makes the next release. This way when you have multiple prescriptions on the go you can actively manage these.

Your GP (or health professional) will give you the option of whether you’d like a traditional paper or a electronic prescription.

E-prescriptions are now available at all UFS Pharmacies’ stores and it depends on your GP or health professional if they have adopted this technology advancement.

Key facts

MedView Patient Connect is in place to allow customers to easily send their prescription to the pharmacy in this situation. This is very handy if you’re travelling or away from your chosen pharmacy. 

How to do it: 

  1. Forward your script via SMS or email.

    1. Click on prescription token in your text messages/email

    2. Press Copy Token

    3. Close your browser, then open your messages/email

    4. Select New Message (new text message or new email)

    5. In To: enter the mobile number 0497 80 10 90 or email

    6. In the text field, tap once and press Paste. 

  2. You will receive a message/email with a link immediately to complete your order.

  3. Tap on this new link (this will open in your internet browser) and you will be able to view MedView Patient Connect with the medication already loaded.

  4. If you need to add other scripts, follow the previous steps an an ‘add’ button will appear on the screen to select.

  5. Press next.

  6. Now search for your chosen UFS Pharmacies store, a quick way is to type our designated code then select next.                  

    1. Hargreaves Street.         @736

    2. View Street                       @1822

    3. Strathfieldsaye                  @522

    4. Maiden Gully                     @6518

    5. Bridge Street                     @2239

  1. Select if you would like delivery or to pick up in store (note – please allow 48 hours for delivery or contact our stores if urgent).

  2. Select your preferred time and day.

  3. Select preferred brand and you can add any additional notes that you’d like the pharmacist to be aware of. Select next.

  4. Review your order (and if needed make any changes).

  5. Select ‘place order’ and this will be sent to your pharmacy.

  1. Go to the GP or health professional like normal and when prescribed a prescription you will be given the choice of a paper or electronic one.
  2. When choosing an electronic prescription you will immediately be sent immediately a text message or email with the prescription, known as a token (QR code).
  3. Go to your pharmacy like normal and present your smart device showing the QR code.
  4. The pharmacy will then dispense your prescription accordingly.

You will need to make contact with your GP or health professional to have the prescription’s token (QR code) re-sent to you. Your pharmacist can also re-send this to you if it’s a repeat on file.

If you would like your prescriptions to be kept on file the pharmacist can print your token and file it ready for next time. If you go away the pharmacist can simply resend the token via SMS/email so it’s ready to be accessed anywhere anytime.

Once your token is dispensed the pharmacist will then send you a new token (QR code) with any repeats via SMS or email – so make sure you let us know your contact details and preferences so we are up to date.