A new look for our Hargreaves St pharmacy

UFS Pharmacies would like to thank their members and regular customers for their support during the recent renovations at Hargreaves Street.

The wait was worth it! After many months of hard work and organisation during our recent renovations we are confident our new look pharmacy will meet the health needs of our members. The new store is so much brighter with many new features including:

  • Webster patient window with direct access to the Webster team and on duty pharmacist. This will make changing or discussing your or a loved one’s medication packs a lot more convenient. Our Webster team can organise your medications and vitamins in a handy Webster-Pak. The day-by-day breakdown will tell you if you’ve missed a dosage and give you confidence that you are taking the right medicines at the right time.
  • Direct access to a pharmacist when you drop off and collect your prescriptions – Providing additional advice to customers helping them understand and manage their medications, to achieve better health outcomes.
  • MedsChecks – The effects of some medications can counteract the benefits you are getting from others our new consultation room will allow a pharmacist to review and discuss how to manage and get the best benefits from your medicines.
  • Sleep apnoea consultations, health consults, leave certificates and vaccinations are all available from our new health focused pharmacy.
  • Health Hub – we are introducing access to other health services in our new purpose built consultation rooms at the rear of the pharmacy which will be ready in May.