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Bendigo UFS Pharmacies are part of the current national COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout and are proud to be part of the program that supports reducing the COVID-19 outbreaks and illness across our community.

Booking your COVID-19 vaccination appointment

Booking your COVID-19 vaccination appointment

Please call us if you need to confirm what the timing should be between the appointments. 

If you need phone or on-site interpreting, call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50.

Bendigo UFS Pharmacies are not accepting walk in appointments at this time.


Bendigo UFS Pharmacies are providing Novavax (Nuvaxovid), Pfizer (Comirnaty) Pfizer (Bivalent) and Pfizer paediatric a booster.

Following advice from ATAGI from 4 December 2023 the revised booster recommendation is*:


No risk factors

(Healthy Australians)

At-risk Australians**

< 5 years

Not recommended

Not recommended

5 – 17 years

Not recommended

Consider a dose

18 – 64 years

Consider a dose


> 64 years 




(Pfizer Children Monovalent XBB. 1.5)

(Pfizer Monovalent XBB. 1.5)


(Moderna Monovalent XBB. 1.5)


Recommended dose interval

8 weeks

8 weeks

8 weeks

3 weeks > 18 years
8 weeks > 12-17 years

Approved dose interval

3 to 8 weeks

3 to 8 weeks

4 to 8 weeks

3 weeks > 18+ years
8 weeks > 12-17 years

Approved age

5 to 11 years

12 years and older

12 years and over

12 years and over

Third dose (as part of primary course for severely immunocompromised. GP letter required)

Preferred for a third dose
(half dose 5-11 years),
2-6 months after second dose

Preferred for a third dose
2-6 months after second dose

Preferred for a third dose 2-6 months after second dose

Yes, 8 weeks after 2nd dose

Fourth dose (as part of primary course for those at increased risk (over 16)

Click here for moreRefer to ATAGI for 12-15 years.

GP letter is required.


Preferred for a fourth dose
(full dose and for 12yrs and older; ≥6 months after third dose)

Preferred for a fourth dose (full dose and for 12yrs and older; ≥6 months after third dose)



(Recommended 6 months from previous dose or COVID infection)

Considered for 5-17 year olds at risk4
(GP letter required)

Yes – for at risk


(for 12 years and over and 5-17 years at risk)

16 – 17 yrs approved for 1 x Booster only


(for 12 years and over and 5-17 years at risk)

Yes, but not preferred

(for 16 years and over and 5-17 years at risk4)

16 – 17 yrs approved for 1 x Booster only

Available at Bendigo UFS Health Hub Vaccination Clinic





All adults can get a booster if it’s been 6 months or longer since their last COVID-19 booster or confirmed infection (whichever is most recent). Boosters give extra protection against severe illness from COVID.

The Australian Government has accepted a recommendation about COVID-19 vaccines. All adults aged 75 years and older should receive an extra 2023 COVID-19 vaccine dose if six months have passed since their last dose.

This particularly includes people at higher risk of severe illness, like:

  • adults aged 65-74 years
  • everyone 18 years and over with medical comorbidities, disability or complex health needs. 

Children and young people aged 5 to 17 years can consider getting a booster dose if:

  • they have a health condition that put them at risk of severe illness, and
  • if it’s been 6 months since their last dose or COVID-19 infection.

Your doctor can help you decide if your child should receive a booster.

Booster doses are not recommended at this time for children and adolescents under 18 years of age who do not have any risk factors for severe COVID-19.

All vaccines are approved for use in Australia and continue to give strong protection against serious illness from COVID-19. Omicron-specific bivalent vaccines are preferred for boosters.

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) recommends the COVID-19 dose can be co-administered with the influenza vaccine or other vaccines.

Children’s (paediatric) vaccines

UFS Pharmacies are providing the Pfizer (Comirnaty) for children aged 5 years to 11 years. Booster doses are available to children in the following eligibility:

  • those who are severely immunocompromised
  • those who have a disability with significant or complex health needs
  • those who have complex and/or multiple health conditions that increase the risk of severe COVID-19.
  • A GP letter is required to address to prove eligibility criteria. 

Parents and/or Guardians may wish to have your child sitting on your lap (pictured right) for the vaccination. Your child will feel comforted and supported during the vaccination and in turn reduce nerves.
We suggest you let our friendly Immuniser Nurses know if either parent/guardian or child are feeling nervous so that we can ensure you feel as comfortable as possible. 

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Which Bendigo UFS Pharmacies store is providing the COVID-19 vaccination?

Appointments are only available at our 379 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo location.

What you need for booking your appointment

Before your vaccination appointment, you should make sure your details are up to date with Medicare.

If you don’t have your account set up, you can:

Your Medicare or IHI will be required to make your appointment – this will make it quicker on the day of your appointment.

Getting ready for your appointment on the day

You will receive an email and text message reminder up to 48 hours before your appointment.

Please do not come to your vaccination appointment:

  • if you are feeling unwell with fever, cough, runny nose or other symptoms that could be from COVID-19
  • if you are waiting for COVID-19 test results, or have tested positive for COVID-19
  • if you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19, or
  • if you are in quarantine. 

If you cannot make it to your vaccination appointment, please contact us to arrange a new appointment.

Supporting information

You can also read this patient factsheet developed by the Australian Government Department of Health:

Information for persons whom are immunocompromised are encouraged to read here:

Information on preparing for COVID-19 vaccination is available in other languages at:

How to contact us


Phone: 03 5442 0444

Open hours: Thursday 9.30am until 4.30pm and Saturday 9.30am until 12.30pm 

Frequently asked COVID-19 vaccination questions

Everyone in Australia will be offered a COVID-19 vaccine. High priority groups who are more susceptible to catching COVID-19 or more vulnerable to becoming extremely ill if infected with COVID-19 or persons working in a high risk workplace are prioritised. Use the Department of Health’s Eligibility Checker to see when you can book your vaccine: https://covid-

The most commonly reported side effects from COVID-19 vaccines are headache, aches and pains, fever, and tenderness at the site of injection. These side effects are typical of many vaccines, and usually, last only a day or two. Investigation is continuing into rare side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration’s safety monitoring team of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and scientists are closely monitoring any reported side effects from the vaccine to investigate any safety issues.

Speak to our team of pharmacists and nurses if you have concerns about the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer* vaccines available in Australia require two doses (of the same type) to provide the best protection against COVID-19.

*The Pfizer vaccination is not available at Bendigo UFS Pharmacies.

For most people with existing health conditions, receiving a COVID-19 vaccine is still recommended. Speak with your doctor to find out what’s right for you.

The COVID-19 vaccine may not stop you from ever getting COVID-19, however the AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer* vaccines have been shown to be effective at stopping people from becoming very ill or dying if they catch COVID-19.

*Pfizer vaccination is not available at Bendigo UFS Pharmacies.

There is no live virus in the COVID-19 vaccine. Most COVID-19 vaccines contain a spike protein that looks like the spikes on the outside of the COVID-19 virus particle or stimulate the body to produce this spike protein. The immune system recognises this spike protein and produces antibodies to fight against COVID-19.

We recommend that you view the Australian Government fact sheet on the AstraZeneca vaccine and potential suspected thrombosis with thrombocytopenia. This fact sheet provides you information to help you make an informed decision here.

Our nurses and pharmacists are administering the COVID-19 vaccinations and have completed extensive training regarding general vaccinations, as well as specific training for COVID-19 vaccinations.

No. The COVID-19 vaccine is free to everyone in Australia whether a resident or not. 

You will receive your vaccine in a safe, private space within our pharmacy. We pride ourselves on providing this space allowing you to feel comfortable and ask any questions that you may have. 

Appointments do book out and you may need to look at an appropriate time in coming weeks but we do offer a waitlist option. We recommend you do book an appointment even if it’s some time away and if there is a cancellation, we’ll contact you to check your availability.

We welcome you to further research the vaccination and the virus if you wish. A great reputable resource to view is  

  • If your second dose was on 1st September 2021 you are due for a booster on the 1 December 2021 (the day of the month matches the day you are due).

They will be given the Pfizer formulation for those aged 12 and over.

Updated 5 December 2023