The Bendigo SES are very grateful for their donation.

The Bendigo SES have allocated the funds to two important purchases for their unit.

“One is a fridge to keep near our truck bay which will be kept stocked with water and electrolyte replacement drinks so that our crews can quickly load up our vehicles and maintain their hydration on hot and drawn out calls for assistance. The bulk of our work relates to storms, and these jobs can often require our volunteers to be up on a roof for a number of hours, making repairs to make a home safe. When we get these jobs in the summer the temperature on a roof can be extreme, especially when sitting on dark tiles. It’s essential that our volunteers can cool down out on the job to maintain their personal safety.”

“The other is some additional security for our unit so that we can keep safe all our equipment and vehicles, meaning we can respond quickly and with the right gear for calls for assistance. Very sadly there have been a number of instances of late when volunteer emergency services around the state have returned from a call out to find their personal cars damaged, or their premises broken into, and equipment such as chain saws and even vehicles stolen. In at least one case a volunteer fire fighter vehicle was stolen and destroyed. Given we spend so much of our time raising funds from our generous community to update and replace our response vehicles and equipment, we decided that some investment into keeping those things a whole lot safer was a great idea.”

“Thanks to all those wonderful people who have chosen to nominate Bendigo SES.”

-Natalie and the Bendigo team.