Don’t risk your eye health

The skin, eyes and area around the eyes are very sensitive to UV radiation. Most of us know that UV radiation harms the skin, causing photoageing, wrinkles and, in severe cases, skin cancer. Although it’s invisible, long-term UV exposure can cause various eye diseases such as cataracts, macula degeneration and accelerated aging of the tissue…

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Have you had your eyes tested recently?

There’s a bear hiding amongst the cats. Can you spot it? Glaucoma is a largely unobservable group of eye diseases in which damage to the optic nerves causes a loss of vision. What causes glaucoma? Damage to the optic nerve is responsible for the vision loss that comes with glaucoma, the most common cause of…

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Eye drops

There’s an eye drop or ointment to relieve the symptoms of most eye problems — whether you have dry eyes, pink eye (conjunctivitis), red eyes or itchiness.

Determining which kind of eye drop or ointment is best depends on what kind of eye condition you have:

  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Infection (pink eye)
  • Allergies
  • Itching
  • Soreness
  • Swelling
  • Mattering (eye discharge)

Of course, if you develop any of these eye symptoms or conditions, it’s always best to consult your eye doctor to determine the cause and severity of the problem and the best treatment.

Do I really need to get my eyes dilated?

We know it’s a little uncomfortable. You’ve heard about the side effects – slightly blurry vision and significant glare that can last a couple of hours, until the drops wear off. But here is why it’s worth doing. The pupil in the middle of the coloured part of your eye opens and closes to allow…

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Photofusion Lenses

We are so impressed by the new PhotoFusion lenses by ZEISS. If you have ever had transition lenses, or have wanting a pair of specs to wear when driving and day to night, do yourself a favour and check out PhotoFusion by ZEISS.

The PhotoFusion lens reacts up to two times faster from dark to clear and up to 20% faster from clear to dark than previous photochromic lenses by ZEISS. PhotoFusion by ZEISS is ideal for everyone who wears glasses and especially for eyes that are sensitive to changing light. The light-sensitive lenses adapt quickly to changing light conditions, which is perfect for the warm summer months ahead.

PhotoFusion is available in nearly all lens types provided at UFS Optical which means your next lot of light changing spectacles will work even more efficiently than ever before!

For all enquiries and eye test bookings please call 5441 8077

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Sometimes conjunctivitis can be a result of an allergic reaction. Cleaning products and cosmetics can trigger allergic conjunctivitis, as well as pollen in the air – typically in individuals that have had a history of allergies. Also those who are allergic to certain animals may also be susceptible. Fortunately, allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious, and…

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Viral conjunctivitis

Previously we explained Bacterial Conjunctivitis and its characteristics, but conjunctivitis can also occur as a result of a viral infection.  Common symptoms of viral conjunctivitis include red eyes, a watery clear discharge and a feeling of something scratching your eye (what we call a “foreign body sensation”). If you have recently had tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis,…

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Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Just the word conjunctivitis can make you feel a little uncomfortable, and your eyes a little bit itchy. But the truth is, it’s a common eye condition, which can be managed with some hygiene advice and products to treat any discomfort, depending on the type of conjunctivitis the patient is experiencing. In case you haven’t experienced…

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A pterygium is a growth of tissue on the white part of the eye, which can extend onto the cornea.  Thought to be associated with UV and hot, dry environments, pterygia typically affect people who spend a lot of time outdoors. They are very common; anyone can develop a pterygium.  Usually quite slow-growing, they should…

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UV and your eyes

All UV eye exposure adds up over time.  Accumulated UV exposure to your eyes can lead to a variety of problems and diseases, notably cataract, macular degeneration, pterygium, “sunburn” which causes irritation and pain, skin cancer on the eyelids and around the eyes. Reduce your UV eye exposure by wearing sunglasses (made to Australian Standards),…

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Dry eye

The tear film which covers the eye surface is made up of three layers: an oily layer, a watery layer, a layer of mucous.   Dry eye is a common eye condition which occurs when either tear production or quality of tears is deficient.  This results in unprotected areas on the eye surface, leading to eye…

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