Viral conjunctivitis

Previously we explained Bacterial Conjunctivitis and its characteristics, but conjunctivitis can also occur as a result of a viral infection.  Common symptoms of viral conjunctivitis include red eyes, a watery clear discharge and a feeling of something scratching your eye (what we call a “foreign body sensation”). If you have recently had tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, sinusitis or the common cold you may be susceptible to viral conjunctivitis.

Viral conjunctivitis is an infective inflammation of the thin membrane, which covers the eye surface and the inside of the eyelids.  This type of conjunctivitis is much more prevalent among adults than bacterial conjunctivitis, but is just as contagious and often begins in one eye and spreads to the other.

Treatment may include prescription drops to alleviate symptoms, but the immune system must fight off the virus to cure this type of conjunctivitis. As you wait for your body to fight off the viral infection, we recommend frequently washing your hands and definitely trying to avoid touching your eyes. To reduce the spread of this highly contagious infection, you may need to restrict work or school contact and avoid touching other people

Sometimes viral conjunctivitis can take several weeks or longer to resolve, so we urge you to make an appointment at UFS Optical with our Optometrist for diagnosis and an appropriate treatment regime.