Swap it!

A healthy diet isn’t always as attainable as we’d like. When you factor in our busy and time poor lifestyles it’s easy to see why people turn to readymade convenience foods.

The idea of swapping it allows us to still have the convenience factor and not feel like we are missing out, yet we swap the usual foods for something healthier.

For example:

Morning tea – you might usually have an energy drink and some cake. Instead swap it for a green tea and a small handful of nuts and dried fruits.

Lunch – Might usually be a meat pie or sausage roll from the bakery with a coffee. Swap it for a salad roll or some sushi rolls and a bottle of mineral water.

Dinner – might be fish and chips or Chinese take away. Swap it for a quick homemade salad and some pan cooked chicken skewers, or some pan fried fish and steamed vegetables. You will have this meal ready in less time than it takes for your takeaway foods to arrive.

Quick tips: Always have fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, and vegetable sticks on hand for quick snacks. If you keep a box of veggie sticks and hommus in the fridge it’s easy to snack on them when you get home.