Measles, Mumps, Rubella

What are Measles, Mumps and Rubella?

Measles is a contagious viral illness that causes a skin rash and fever. Serious and sometimes fatal complications include pneumonia and encephalitis (brain inflammation). Measles is also known as rubeola, not to be confused with rubella (German measles).

Mumps is a viral illness that causes fever and swollen salivary glands. Serious and potentially lethal complications include inflammation of the brain or heart muscle. The disease is spread from person to person and is as contagious as the flu (influenza).

Rubella (German measles) is a viral illness that causes a skin rash and joint pain. A rubella infection is mild for most people, but it can have catastrophic consequences for an unborn baby. If a pregnant woman contracts rubella, her baby is at risk of severe and permanent birth defects or death. Rubella is sometimes called German measles, but rubella is a different viral disease to measles. Rubella is uncommon in Australia and other countries with widespread immunisation programs.

Bendigo UFS Pharmacies is offering the MMR vaccination to Members for $56.66 and to non-Members for $62.95. Payment is required at the time of administering the vaccine. Walk-in appointments are currently available at all Bendigo UFS Pharmacies stores or pre bookings are available too. Please note, a walk-in appointment is not guaranteed.

About the Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Vaccination at UFS Pharmacies

Who can receive the MMR vaccine?

In Australia, Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) immunisation is combined into one vaccine. You should not be given the MMR vaccine if you are already pregnant. Pregnancy should also be avoided for 28 days after the vaccination.4 Bendigo UFS Pharmacies can only vaccinate patients from 15 years of age for the MMR. We do not provide the MMRV vaccination.

What is the National Immunisation Program and does Bendigo UFS Pharmacies provide the MMR vaccination as part of the program? 
The National Immunisation Program (NIP) was set up by the Commonwealth and State and Territory governments in 1997. The program aims to increase national immunisation coverage to reduce the number of cases of diseases that are preventable by vaccination in Australia. Bendigo UFS Pharmacies vaccinations are all eligible for the program and patients are only required to pay a service fee.

Where can I learn more about MMR?
We recommend visiting as a great information source. To locate measles, mumps and/or rubella information directly visit here.

Last updated 17 May 2024