Insulin is a hormone in the body that regulates the concentration of glucose (a sugar) in the blood. Insulin is needed as a medication in patients who suffer from diabetes.

Insulin must be delivered by injections, as eating it (like a tablet) would destroy it before it has a chance to reach the blood supply. This means that pharmacies need to supply a wide range of different needles, syringes and devices to allow patients to use insulin in the most practical and comfortable way for each individual.

Patients with diabetes also need to test their blood glucose level, and with the variety of different meters in the community, pharmacies also need to keep a wide range of strips for these machines.

There is fortunately an extensive collection of different insulins available for patients to better match their unique blood glucose profiles than we previously available. Insulins have been genetically engineered to meet different needs with short acting, long acting or mixed action in penfills, vials, flexpens, solostar pens, kwikpens and pump vials.

UFS pharmacies take pride in our wide range of insulin and are always available to help patients to choose the most effective, easiest and most practical therapy. Diabetic educators are also available at our Hargreaves St store for appointments.