Herbal tea & Digestive health

Herbs are a simple way to introduce powerful natural medicine into your life. Mother Nature really knows how to get it right. When suffering from digestive complaints such as bloating, flatulence and wind pain, herbal teas can be just what you need to relieve symptoms and bring about balance.

Chamomile is a ‘bitter’ herb, so it is fantastic for increasing your digestive power. It soothes the stomach, and can help with nausea, bloating and stomach cramps. It is also a very calming brew, so it’s nice to have a cup at night to help aid relaxation before bed.

Ginger is a wonderful all around herb. As a tea it is wonderful for nausea, indigestion and cramping. It’ s also wonderful for morning sickness if ginger is well tolerated. Being a warming spice, it’s a great drink to make in winter to help circulation too.

Lemon Balm
Lemon Balm is a carminative herb, meaning it’s wonderful for expelling excess wind and gas in the digestive tract. It also helps settle any stomach cramps and pain that may be present. It’s also another very calming brew, helping settle nerves and anxieties.

Peppermint is an antispasmodic and carminative herb, making it wonderful for digestive upsets associated with flatulence, belching and stomach cramps or pains. It also helps you digest a heavy meal, and is a wonderful after dinner drink. If you sip it cold it can also be very cooling. For those suffering IBS, peppermint can also help ease IBS symptoms.

The View St UFS currently stock a small range of herbal teas, so pop in for a visit and get a brew that’s right for you.