Spring delights are here; sunshine, flowers and longer, warmer days. Unfortunately this wonderful time of year is shadowed by those nasty hay fever symptoms; itchy, watery and puffy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and feeling miserable.

There are many ways in which hay fever can be managed, so that spring is enjoyable as opposed to unbearable!

Firstly, trying to avoid allergens that trigger symptoms can protect against hay fever.

  • Keeping the house and car doors closed during pollen season
  • Staying inside on high pollen-count days
  • Keeping air-conditioning filters clean.

However, often work and social events make if difficult to avoid triggers, therefore there are various pharmacy medications available to help control your hay fever symptoms, ranging from tablets, to eye drops to nasal sprays and even herbal preparations.

Come and chat to your friendly UFS Pharmacist to discuss what is suitable for you so that spring can be a fab, rather than drab, time of year!