Educating kids on Asthma

If you have a child with asthma, or even a curious child with a friend or classmate with asthma, you might want to check out – it’s a website that speaks to kids about asthma, without all the heavier grown up or medical jargon. It’s bright and engaging, targeting pre-school and primary school children with short, age-appropriate videos and explanations.

The site is friendly and fun, with a quiz-style format designed to steer your child through a range of activities and information, with a certificate and entry into a prize draw at the end.

Did you know?

    • Asthma is the most common childhood condition in Australia.
    • Around 1 in 10 Australians are affected by asthma.


At UFS we offer

  • A team of professional pharmacists who genuinely care about you and your family.
  • Direct access to our pharmacists to discuss all of your health needs.
  • Education on the best practice for using inhalers and general health information on asthma, including device demonstrations and counselling.

Some things to remember

  • Your child needs a personalised asthma plan written by their doctor and reviewed regularly.
  • Make sure your children’s service or school understands your child’s asthma symptoms and medications.
  • If your child’s asthma is well managed, they should be able to lead a healthy and active life.

Get the answers

  • Be sure to ask your doctor and pharmacist: What spacers are available, how to care for them, and whether your child needs a mask with their spacer. Masks are recommended for all children under five years.
  • For practical ideas to encourage your child to take their asthma medications.
  • How your child’s medication works and any concerns you may have about their asthma.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s asthma, please contact: Your doctor, pharmacist, or The Asthma Foundation of Victoria on 03 9326 7088.