Body movement

People often wonder how much they need to move their bodies, and if they really need to exercise or not. Let me tell you this, exercise is not just a fad, and the human body is designed to be moved in some way every single day. Exercising with intention is very different from having a physical job, and it’s a non-negotiable part of life if you want to have abundant health and wellbeing.

You can call it exercise, but I like to call it body movement because I feel that this releases the negative idea of exercise being hard and a drag. Moving our bodies is pure joy. I like to move my body for half an hour every week day before work. Sometimes its yoga, or pilates, or a nice brisk walk in nature.

Choose something that you find fun or relaxing/nourishing. If that’s gym, go for it. If that means playing soccer with friends after work, go for that. It might mean going for a peaceful nature walk, or getting sweaty at a dance class. Whatever form of moving you choose, do it from a place of love and nourishment for your body and it will be something you look forward to as a part of your everyday routine.