Asthma and Travel

  • Make sure your day-to-day management of asthma is under control before you travel.
  • Visit your doctor for an asthma review to fine tune your asthma management and update your asthma action plan. 
  • Your doctor can also provide you with a letter describing your asthma and your current medication.
  • Check that your travel insurance policy specifically includes asthma, and that it offers the cover you need.
  • Take more asthma medication away with you than you think you’ll need, and always carry some with you.
  • Carry your asthma medication in your hand luggage.
  • Take your asthma medication prescriptions with you in case you lose some or all of your supplies.

Be Prepared

Compact anti-bacterial collapsible spacers are available at all UFS pharmacies, a smaller more convenient sized spacer to take in your hand luggage.

Be prepared when arriving at any new destination as conditions such as dramatic changes in temperatures, air pollution & pollen can be different at every new holiday location.

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