Professional services

At UFS we have the opportunity to offer an assortment of free professional services which we can offer our members. Pharmacists are experts on medication and are always available to counsel on any medication issues that you or your family may have. This can be done in store, in private in one of our counselling rooms or over the phone. We always have an experienced pharmacist available to assist doctors with any question regarding medication history, stock availability or dosages, which can be accessed by phone. Our group spends thousands of dollars each year to ensure that we have the very best up to date information and guidelines to ensure that we can provide the best possible advice to patients and prescribers.

Patients can also access a group of services funded by the Department of Health or Department of Veterans Affairs. The services available change over time with new options being added and some replaced, and the staff at UFS will be able to help access the best programs.

‘Medschecks’ are one service that is currently available for most patients. Fully funded by Medicare, it is a great opportunity for you to sit down one-on-one with a pharmacist who can run through all your medications to help you to understand them better. The pharmacist will also give you a full up to date list of all your medications to keep with you, which is especially useful for those of us who go to multiple doctors, hospitals and specialists. The pharmacists at UFS can advise whether this service is appropriate for you and book a time that is convenient.