Hand and Nail Care

Being good to your hands and nails is about having good daily habits and choosing the right products to use on them. One of the first places we show our age is on our hands so let’s look after them. A few small changes could make a difference in how your hands and nails look and feel.
While applying a layer of your favourite OPI nail polish that you purchased from Eden does wonders for making your hands look fabulous, taking the time to care for your nails properly means you’ll be able to step out of the Eden with an equally as beautiful set of nails. And one of the most important aspects of nail care is focussing on your cuticles.

Why? Well, neat cuticles look nicer, for one, but there’s also a health aspect: when cuticles are working as they should, they prevent bacteria from getting in to your nail bed.

A good way to kick-start a cuticle care routine is to first see a professional at Eden Body and Soul Essentials, and you can then continue to maintain them at home. The Dermalogica multivitamin hand and nail treatment cream is an intense, non-greasy treatment of botanicals and vitamins to protect and repair chapped hands while strengthening nails against splitting and peeling.