Glaucoma: you won’t see it coming

Glaucoma is a largely unobservable group of eye diseases in which damage to the optic nerves causes a loss of vision.

What causes glaucoma?

Damage to the optic nerve is responsible for the vision loss that comes with glaucoma, the most common cause of this damage is high pressure in the eyes. However, there are people with low eye pressure who develop glaucoma and people with high eye pressure who don’t develop glaucoma.

Who’s at risk?

The onset of glaucoma is more common as people age (it’s recommended that you have your eyes checked before age 40) but it can affect people of any age. Things like high eye pressure, diabetes, high myopia, prolonged use of steroid medications or a family history of the disease are better indicators of your increased susceptibility to the disease.


The condition often goes undetected as the causes and symptoms of the disease are largely invisible to the untrained eye. Vision loss tends to occur slowly often beginning with your peripheral vision.

Have you had your eyes checked recently?

A bit of foresight could save a lot of your sight! If you have any concerns, book an optometrist appointment and ask for a glaucoma test. Comprehensive eye examinations are the best way to detect glaucoma.

Treatment or cure

Unfortunately, glaucoma cannot be cured but the associated vision loss can be slowed or even stopped. Treatments focus on reducing the pressure in your eyes and will require ongoing care for the rest of your life.

Who can help

Early detection is paramount so regular eye examinations are essential. Your optometrist will be able to assess your risk factors during your appointment and refer you to an Ophthalmologist if necessary.

Want to find out more?

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