Bollé Prescription Program

Bollé has one of the industry’s most comprehensive assortments of sunglasses. Now, with the launch of the innovative B-Thin Active Design Rx program, nearly all Bollé shades can be fitted with lenses for broadest range of prescriptions available from any manufacturer.

B-Thin Active Design lenses are made possible by a new technology that uses extremely advanced calculations, allowing for prescriptions from +6.00 to -8.00, far surpassing the more typical +4.00 to -4.00 range available for sport sunglasses. The B-Thin program is available on nearly all Bollé models, ensuring that prescription wearers can choose sunglasses precisely suited to all of their personal preferences, in terms of fit and style.

So come in to check out our amazing range of Bollè sunglasses! Remember, UFS members receive 20% off (and if you’re not a member, we can sign you up on the spot for an instant discount).

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