We had a makeover!

Mr Michael Fleming CEO of local pharmacy group, Bendigo UFS announced today that they would be launching a total new image for the UFS brand.

The reason behind this was to reinvent the highly successful Bendigo UFS into a more contemporary and highly visual brand. Mr Fleming said

“The brand has been very successful for a long time but we are now in a much more competitive environment and dramatic changes in pharmaceutical retailing have created the need to update the brand.”

Over the next few weeks UFS Pharmacies will be launched with a new name, logo and set of colours which are contemporary and much more feminine than the old red and black.

Mr Fleming added

“Now more than ever pharmacy lines are being presented as just another commodity. We believe it is time to re-state our Membership as a real strength.”

We have developed a new advertising campaign that explains that we offer so much more than others; more savings, more services and more trusted advice.

Mr Fleming said that currently one in four households in the City of Greater Bendigo are members of UFS. There are high hopes that this new confident promotion and branding will over time increase this number significantly.

For further information please contact Michael Fleming. Ph 5441 5590