UFS Pharmacies support Bendigo Festival of Cultures

UFS Pharmacies supports The Bendigo Festival of Cultures because as a business we share a number of the values that the festival embodies. UFS Pharmacies is a community owned not for profit group that’s focused on health and wellbeing outcomes for the community, so we naturally see the festival as a good fit for us.

Like a lot of Bendigo businesses, we too have a diverse workforce representing numerous cultures and religious beliefs from all around the world. It’s a broad group of people, with incredibly different backgrounds and we’ve always been proud of the welcoming nature of both our teams at UFS Pharmacies and the entire Bendigo community.

We think it’s very important for Bendigo to be seen as a welcoming community and any way in which we can help to get that message out there is something we are interested in. It’s in line with our values as an organisation and we think the majority of the community feel that way too.

more information: www.bendigofestivalofcultures.org.au