This Could be the year you Quit forever

There are so many well documented reasons for quitting including all the health benefits. Who wouldn’t want to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, various cancers, lung diseases and amputation of limbs? And then there’s the importance of providing a non-smoking environment at home. That, together with your great role modelling gives your children the best chance of a healthy life.

There are many social benefits to giving up cigarettes. Imagine getting back into your favourite sport or even just having enough puff to run around?
How good will it feel to not have to stand outside in freezing or boiling weather, just to satisfy your smoking urge? Perhaps giving up cigarettes is the best dating or relationship advice we could give you. No one enjoys kissing an ashtray. And life doesn’t get harder without the ciggies. It gets better.
As soon as you stop smoking your sense of taste and smell will improve.

Taking a long term view, 15 years after quitting, your risk of heart disease is similar to that of a non-smoker and you’ll be around $70,000 better off. Talk to friends and family about quitting and get them on board your supporter’s bandwagon. They can help you to make a ‘quitting plan’, avoid situations where you will be tempted to smoke and through the difficulties in the quitting journey. We know it’s hard but it’s not impossible. Many have done it successfully. Do not be disheartened by relapsing, it is simply a set back; the best thing you can do is to try again.

Come and talk to your pharmacist about some products that will help you make this exciting lifestyle change.