Swimmer Ear

Sweltering Australian summers are best spent cooling off in pools, rivers, lakes and oceans. However, sometimes this refreshing water-play can be marred by a sore, painful ear.

Swimmer’s ear is a common infection or inflammation of the ear canal that may be caused by bacteria or fungi when exposed to water, as is often the case in summer, or triggered by mechanical damage, chemical irritation or other medical conditions.

Adults and children are both susceptible and symptoms may include: itching, pain, nasty smelling yellowy-greenish pus in the ear, finding it difficult to hear or strange buzzing or humming inside the ear.

If any of these symptoms occur it is very important to go and see your doctor for appropriate treatment.

However, once the condition has resolved there are various ear plugs and drops available in the pharmacy to help avoid future infections and keep the water babies amongst us happy!