Steps towards better health

Did you know that every day more than 70 Victorians are diagnosed with diabetes?

“The aim of diabetes treatment is to keep your blood sugars within a specified range,” UFS pharmacist Tegan Ward said. “As large fluctuations in your blood sugar can lead to significant complications with your diabetes.”

Once diagnosed, self blood glucose monitoring lets you check your own levels on a regular basis allowing you and your doctor to assess the effectiveness of your treatment whether that be lifestyle changes or medication.

“It’s also important for people with diabetes to have their eyes and feet regularly reviewed to reduce risks of ulcers and vision loss,” UFS diabetic consultant Sue Nielsen said.

UFS Pharmacies stock a wide selection of diabetes supplies including self testing monitors, strips and lancing devices. Open six days a week.

Drop into UFS Pharmacies today, at 379 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo or give us a call on 5443 6430, and we’ll get you sorted.