You look terrible! What’s wrong with you? Check out those bags under your eyes!

These greetings aren’t warmly received when you’re already exhausted from poor sleep.

Sleep is vital to enable the body to recover from today and prepare for tomorrow. An average adult needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.


Did you know?

  • It is thought that dreams help to mature a developing brain in babies. So sweet dreams are important!
  • The internet and texting are common causes of sleep distraction; stop updating your status and posting selfies at night!
  • We can’t make ourselves fall asleep – we can only create the right conditions for sleep.
  • Melatonin is a hormone we all produce that promotes sleep. However, older people produce less melatonin, therefore they may find it more difficult to sleep


The first step to help our bodies get back into a good sleep routine does not involve potions and pills, rather good sleep hygiene!

  1. Aim for a regular sleep routine
  2. Avoiding caffeine at least 4 hours before bed; hold the lattes and colas!
  3. No cigarettes! Smoking makes it difficult to get to sleep – so hold off, or better still, quit!
  4. Avoid alcohol just before bed – sure, it might make getting to sleep easier – but it actually makes it harder to stay asleep!
  5. A warm, comfy bed is imperative!

Still have more questions or concerns about sleeping? Come and chat to your UFS Pharmacist.