Skincare – What you need to know!

Skincare is something that I am very passionate about, particularly spreading the word about organic and chemical free skin products. Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, and what we put onto it gets absorbed into our cells. Modern skincare has a plethora of toxic chemical ingredients, some known to be carcinogenic and cancer causing, others known to be neurotoxic and slowly kill nerve cells, and yet others known to cause infertility and many other awful conditions. Headaches, joint pain, depression, gut inflammation and hormone disruption are some other conditions that arise from toxins found in our seemingly safe skincare.

So why then would we knowingly put these products onto our precious skin? The obvious answer is that we wouldn’t. Thankfully there are some great sites out there with fabulous information that can teach you all about what’s good for your skin and body, and what’s not.

This link by Dr.Frank Lipman exposes Chemicals to avoid in personal care products: Visit website

The Eco Beauty Editor by Shannon Dunn provides some wonderful information on the organic beauty industry : Visit Website

There are some wonderful skincare brands out there that work with integrity, passion and care. Below I’ll list some links to particular brands that are chemical free and good for both humans and the environment.

Grown Skincare:

Kora Organics:

La Mav Skincare:

Mukti Botanicals: