Local organisations say thanks to UFS Pharmacies

Quest Equine Welfare Inc. sent their thanks from Traynors Lagoon. UFS members who donated their membership funds to Quest Equine Welfare Inc. help them to meet the costs associated with the rehabilitation and ongoing care of horses, ponies and donkeys surrendered into Quest’s care.

Beth Parker, secretary of the Quest Equine Welfare Organisation said it was a lovely surprise hen they saw the amount of donations raised by the UFS Building a Healthier Community program. “It all helps so much, and we sincerely appreciate your company’s kind efforts in assisting the nonprofit sector,” she said.

The Maiden Gully Lions Junior Football Club was able to purchase a new line marker and air compressor with the help of the UFS Pharmacies and its members last year. In 2014, the Lions are planning to field an under 14’s team, “enabling players to continue their development in Australian Rules Football at Maiden Gully into their secondary school years”, according to Owen Hayden, Maiden Gully Lions Junior Football Club Treasurer.

UFS Pharmacies donate 50% of all new and renewed membership fees to your nominated community group. These funds are used for health and wellbeing initiatives within your chosen school or club.

The Maiden Gully community heavily relies on the donations from their local pharmacy; if you’re not a member, consider joining not just for the discounts, but to support the Maiden Gully community.