Home Medication Review

Make sure your medicine is good for you.

When you’re on a range of medications, sometimes simply taking your medicines is not enough. You need to be sure your medications are the correct dosage, have not expired and are compatible with any other medications you may be taking.

What is a Home Medicines Review?

A Home Medicines Review is a free health service funded by the Federal Government to ensure you get the best outcomes from your medications and they have the effect they are supposed to – and that’s to keep you healthy and well. Once we receive a referral from your GP, one of our three HMR Accredited Pharmacists will visit your home and review your medications with you. They will then work with your doctor to develop a plan to manage the medications you take and ensure they are the best options available for you.

When should I have a Home Medicines Review?

A Home Medicines Review is ideal:

  • If you have been recently discharged from hospital,
  • If you’re a young person with asthma or any other chronic illness
  • If you’re taking a combination of medications,
  • If your medications need regular monitoring
  • If your medications are making you feel unwell
  • If you’ve had a recent change in your medications

These are just a few instances where a Home Medicine Review would be very helpful. Please check with your UFS Pharmacists if you are unsure or would like further information as to whether you should consider a Home Medicines Review.

How do I organise my Home Medicines Review?

A Home Medicines Review must be initiated through a doctor’s referral. You can either speak to your doctor directly about a Home Medicines Review or contact one of our accredited Pharmacists who can help you arrange a Home Medicines Review through your doctor.

UFS Pharmacies has pharmacists who are accredited to perform Home Medicines Reviews. They are focused on ensuring you achieve the best outcomes and quality of life possible from your medications.