Hayfever (in children)

Identifying hay fever symptoms in children may be tricky, particularly if they have not experienced them before.

Hay fever is actually the common name for ‘allergic rhinitis’ – which means an allergy primarily affecting the nose, although eyes, sinuses, ears and throat are often affected too!

Whilst spring is a common time to get hay fever symptoms, some people experience symptoms all year round; this is called perennial allergic rhinitis and may be caused by dust mites, animals or mould spores.

Hay fever may cause poor sleep, tiredness and day time sleepiness if it is left untreated. This can lead to issues associated with learning and performance, poor asthma control, increase in sinus and eye infections and bad breath.

Come in and speak to your friendly UFS pharmacist about managing your children’s hay fever symptoms so they can continue to enjoy running around and playing outside in this gorgeous weather!