Gift ideas for Santa Claus

It’s that time of year when Santa Claus comes sliding down the chimney bringing presents for all.

Santa’s had a long year making toys and preparing for the big day. Doesn’t he deserve a few presents of his own? Here are some gifts for Santa Claus that he’ll surely appreciate this Christmas:

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Health spa membership

If you haven’t noticed, Santa’s getting a bit portly around the tummy. We love Santa anyway, but it’s not good for his health. Plus, he needs to be trim enough to slide down those chimneys. A membership to a health spa would be a good stress reliever for Santa and would help him take off a few extra kilos.

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Low-fat cookies and skim milk

If you want to leave a snack for Santa, why not help him adopt a healthy lifestyle by making a lower calorie snack just for him? You can bake some special cookies for Santa Claus using skim milk, egg whites, and low-calorie sweetener. Don’t forget to leave some skim milk to go with those cookies!

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A little something for Mrs. Claus

Santa may get all the glory, but Mrs. Claus works hard behind the scenes too. Why not leave her a gift basket of luxury items? Even Mrs. Claus needs to spoil herself from time to time with the winters at the North Pole being so frightfully cold. A bag of goodies just for her would surely make her Christmas special.