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We’re doing it again! Want to be the first in the know for when flu vaccinations become available?

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The dreaded influenza (flu) can spread amongst our community rather quickly with some of us becoming really unwell, and no one wants that! We expect the demand for the influenza vaccination will continue to increase this year. The Flu is an illness caused by virus particles that are easily spread through coughing and sneezing and has the potential to cause widespread illness in the community. The most effective way of reducing this impact is through community vaccination.

Flu vaccinations will be available at the Bendigo UFS Health Hub (rear of the Hargreaves Street Pharmacy) and as soon as appointments become available you’ll be the first to know and bookings will become available from late March 2023.

What do I get for registering for the early bird notification? 

By registering to be an early bird you’ll get first notification of bookings to your email and SMS. You will then have access to book your appointment at a convenient day and time securing your vaccination for the 2023 flu season well ahead of the queue.

How much is the flu vaccination? 

Bendigo UFS are able to provide the National Immunisation Program (NIP) and private vaccinations. If you qualify for a NIP funded vaccination, you will only be charge the administering fee. For NIP eligibility patients visit here.


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Vaccination for your workplace

Back by popular demand

As many employers know, influenza has the potential to increase the amount of sick leave required by staff, causing much disruption to the workplace. It has become commonplace for many businesses to cover the cost of the influenza vaccinations for their staff. 

Workplaces will also have access to our priority booking and accounts service – it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. 

Simply complete the form and we’ll be in contact to organise the rest. 

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1. Registering today does not infer you are committed to a booking with Bendigo UFS. This is an expression of interest only. 
2. Costs involved for the vaccination either personally or for your workplace will be detailed when the official communication is released in late March.