Don’t see your optical benefits disappear this year

If you have private health, now’s the time to check with your health fund if you have any optical entitlements remaining for this year.

Most major funds have a cut-off point at the end of December and not the typical end of year. This reflects a ‘use it or lose it’ policy when it comes to yearly member entitlements. Generally, the more comprehensive your cover, the higher the annual limits. You may find this extends to a contribution to prescription sunglasses to protect your eye health this summer. Call UFS Optical on 5441 8077 to make an appointment. Remember, UFS Members save more at UFS Optical.*

Did you know?

  • The average blink lasts for about 1/10th of a second.
  • You blink about 12 times every minute.
  • Seeing is such a big part of everyday life that it requires about half of the brain to get involved.
  • Newborns don’t produce tears. They make crying sounds, but the tears don’t start flowing until they are about 4-13 weeks old.
  • Out of all the muscles in your body, the muscles that control your eyes are the most active. While it takes some time for most parts of your body to warm up to their full potential, your eyes are on their “A game” 24/7.


*Conditions apply.