Community Magazine

UFS produces its own member’s magazine which is mailed directly to members three times a year. Community Magazine is a great way for us to keep in touch with members, communicating great specials and telling you all about new products and services, not to mention a wealth of interesting articles that are sure to make great reading.

Community Magazine – Autumn/Winter 2019 Issue

This issue of Healthy Community is contains exciting in-store changes and tips to avoid the flu .

Download Winter 2017 Issue (6.4MB)

Community Magazine – Autumn/Winter 2018 Issue

This issue of Healthy Community is about our commitment to good health and the health of families.

Download Winter 2017 Issue (6.4MB)

Community Magazine – Spring 2017 Issue

The spring issue of Healthy Community is full of great advice on hayfever, asthma and much more!

Download Winter 2017 Issue (3.6MB)

Community Magazine – Winter 2017 Issue

This issue of Healthy Community is packed with articles from how to avoid the sniffles to healthy, hearty winter recipes that are sure to make you feel toasty.

Download Winter 2017 Issue (5.4MB)


Community Magazine – Summer 2016 Issue

The summer issue of Healthy Community is full of great hints and tips on how to stay safe on your travels this holiday season, plus much more!

Download Summer 2016 Issue (3MB)

Community Magazine – Spring 2016 Issue

Our spring issue of Healthy Community is jam-packed full of articles and stories, with four extra pages of great reading!

Download Spring 2016 Issue (3MB)

Community Magazine – Autumn 2016 Issue

This issue of Healthy Community is overflowing with articles, specialist advice and exclusive offers to boost your health and wellbeing as we head towards the cooler months.

Download Autumn 2016 Issue (3.5MB)

Community Magazine – Summer 2015 Issue

Our summer issue of Healthy Community is here, and is packed as full as the family car with lifestyle articles, specialist advice and exclusive offers, all intended to add extra shine to the festive season and holiday time.

Download Summer 2015 Issue (3.3MB)

Community Magazine – Spring 2015 Issue

Fresh spring recipes, ideas for dealing with hay fever, medication management, special UFS member offers and more.

Download Spring 2015 Issue (2.6MB)