Coffee has somewhat of a bad rep in health and media circles. Indeed it’s not a beverage we would recommend to people experiencing anxiety, hypertension or insomnia. However it does have medicinal uses and positive properties.

Some background on coffee:

Coffee is a native plant of Abyssinia, from which it was brought to Arabia in approximately 1450. There is no strong evidence to say where it was originally discovered, however the beans were first roasted and brewed in Arabia in the 14th century, and brought to the rest of the new world in the 17th century.
Legend has it that coffee was first recognised for its stimulant effects by a goat herder, who noticed his goats frolicking about with enthusiasm after eating coffee cherries. Now coffee is consumed extensively around the world for its taste and caffeine content.

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which has an antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-diabetic action.

It is well known for its nervous system stimulating effects, but also has positive effects on blood sugar regulation and as a respiratory stimulant. It can therefore be beneficial in asthma, as it helps to open the airways and increase breathing rate.

1 to 2 cups of coffee daily is a safe amount for most people.

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