Building a healthier community cheque presentation 2013

UFS Members  top $47,000 in contributions for 2013  

UFS Pharmacies Bendigo contributed over $47,000 to local not for profit organisations as part of its established Building a Healthier Community Initiative. The program has been running for eight years and in that time has contributed over $250,000 to local sporting groups, charities, schools, community programs and initiatives. 

“It was great meeting this year’s recipients and discussing what they intended to do with their contribution. It was pleasing to hear that the contributions are making a real difference in our community.” – Michael Fleming, CEO, UFS Pharmacies.


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[bs_col class=”col-sm-6″]Strathfieldsaye Primary School has an underlying philosophy of providing a caring and supportive environment, in which children are actively encouraged to learn and grow in self-confidence and esteem. Strathfieldsaye Primary School will use the funds donated to complete new gardens in the front of the school.[/bs_col]
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[bs_col class=”col-sm-6″]Bendigo Animal Welfare & Community Services (BAWCS), formerly Bendigo Animal Shelter, was founded in 2003 and is a registered charity. Their approach is unique in comparison to other animal welfare organisations. Rather than focusing on what people can do for animals, BAWCS instead focus on what animals can do for people. The end result is that both people and animals have the opportunity to share in a nurturing environment with positive outcomes for both.[/bs_col]
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[bs_col class=”col-sm-6″]The students, all of whom have an intellectual disability, will have access to this purpose built garden daily. The garden provides an outdoor classroom area where students are able to use all their senses to learn about their environment. The music wall will be the feature of stage one, enabling students to interact practically and create a beautiful chiming sound. The teaching and learning aspect is ‘cause and effect’ where the chimes are moved creating a sound as well as a physical vibrating sensation.The school community is very excited to see the last few touches being added to the garden currently. We would love to see you at our official opening of stage one in the not too distant future. Community support is valued by our school community.[/bs_col]
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The Otis Foundation is a not for profit organisation that provides retreats for those living with breast cancer at no accommodation charge. Located in the picturesque Mandurang Valley, our three retreats offer an opportunity for guests, family and friends, to take time out from the challenges of serious illness to: relax, rejuvenate and reflect . Monies from the ‘Bendigo UFS Pharmacies Building a Healthier Community Program’ will go towards funding the operations of the Bendigo properties: St Jude’s, St Hannah’s and Bramare. Feedback from guests resonate immense appreciation for an Otis gift; whereby beauty, thoughtfulness and the environment translates into feelings of being cared for.


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An Otis guest: 

“Thank you for the gift of time out in this beautiful and tranquil place. We have both been able to relax and refresh out spirits and our bodies to look forward to a positive future. The care and love that is felt in this space is because of your vision”

“This has been a wonderful gift usually I could not afford. This beautiful and peaceful space has made me feel special and grateful for Judy’s vision.”



BUILDING A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY PROGRAM: Show your support by nominating your group from our registered list when you join or renew your membership at UFS. When you nominate your preferred group, they will receive 50% of your membership fee!