Athlete’s Foot

Warm weather, swimming pools, hot sweaty runners and work boots; environments where foot fungi to thrive! The offender in question is Tinea pedis, more commonly known as Athlete’s foot, which is a common fungal infection of the feet.

Guys, you’re more likely to get it than girls, and adults more so than children! Symptoms vary from none at all, to red or white scaling and cracking skin. This may develop into intense itching or burning or stinging, macerated skin. Feet may also smell, perhaps more so than usual!
Tips to reduce risks of infection:

  • Avoid synthetic socks as they make the feet sweat more
  • Stay away from plastic or rubber shoes and shoes that are too tight!
  • Take sweaty socks and shoes off ASAP when you get home
  • Wear thongs or similar footwear when using public showers

Some tips to protect against infection:

  • Washing and drying feet well every day – and check them out to ensure they’re pretty and clean
  • Enjoy walking around barefoot whilst at home; ditch the shoes!
  • When visiting public swimming pools or showers please where thongs
  • Cotton or woollen socks are the way to go, and make sure they are changed daily
  • Finally, give that shower and bath a good scrub so you don’t re-infect yourself, family or friends

If you’re concerned that your feet may have this common condition, pop into your local UFS pharmacy and chat to a pharmacist about an appropriate treatment.